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All your queries about Orthocaremattress are answered!

We, at Orthocaremattress, design and manufacture high-quality and high-performance mattresses. Currently, we produce two different lines of mattresses, the Orthocaremattress Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress and the Orthocaremattress Dual Comfort Mattress.

Your questions around our mattresses and accessories

Like magic! Our product team has designed the mattresses to ensure the perfect sleep with utmost comfort for all our customers. Our products not only offer proper support throughout the body, but are also breathable, durable and designed to meet all sleeping needs!

Our mattress is designed to be soft and plush on top while remaining supportive throughout. To simplify and give a reference, our mattresses are about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being a feather pillow and 10 being a hardwood floor.

We've designed our foam to cater to the needs of different types of people. Orthocaremattress mattresses are for those who like soft as well as for those who like firm mattresses. So, regardless of what your usual preference is, you’ll find something that’s perfect for you at Orthocaremattress.

Our mattresses are designed in a way that in most cases, you won't need to air them. We use spacer cloth on each mattress’ bottom to optimize air flow. If you use the mattress in a well-ventilated room, on a normal bed, there will be no requirement for airing the mattress. However, for floor use in more humid climates, we suggest that you regularly prop-up your mattress to ventilate it – this will help in keeping your Orthocaremattress mattress dry and clean.

Whatever your sleeping patterns and preferences are, we use a “Non-Flip” construction technique, which means that you will never have to flip a Orthocaremattress Memory Foam Mattress. If you find yourself consistently sleeping on one side of the bed, you can turn the mattress 180 degrees (head to foot and foot to head side) to even out the wear.

Yes, you can clean the cover of the mattress. Our orthopedic memory foam mattresses come with a removable cover that you can simply unzip, remove and clean the necessary spots with a mild detergent - gently dabbing the cover rather than rubbing it. However, do not machine wash or dry the mattress cover - it may shrink. Before putting the cover back on, make sure the cleaned area is 100% dry. For the dual comfort mattress, we recommend that you take a slightly wet cloth, dip it in mild detergent water and then dab the stain.

Our orthopedic memory foam mattresses come with two different covers. The inner cover is made using pure, breathable cotton (110 GSM) and is stitched permanently to the mattress surface. The outer cover is made using high GSM spun polyester fabric and has a zipper. This zipper cover can be removed and washed, whenever necessary for a clean, hygienic sleeping experience. Our dual comfort mattresses have the same outer cover as the one above, but it is non-removable.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide samples of our mattress at the moment. Our foam and cover fabrics are only used after rounds of rigorous testing and market research to ensure they are of the highest quality and suited for our customers. In case you wish to know more about the material we use to manufacture your mattresses, feel free to get in touch with us on phone or e-mail (support@Orthocaremattress.co).

Yes! Our mattresses can be folded and can be kept for a few days or weeks. In case you are shifting, the ability to fold is very handy! However, please avoid folding it for months as it can affect the shape and firmness of the mattress.

Orthocaremattress mattress can support a person weighing up to 200kg on each side. So, for a double bed/two sleeper mattress, the weight capacity will be up to 400kg.

To get a mattress customized for your bed, please order the next standard size that is bigger than what is required. For example, if you need a size 78x70x6, please order the size 78x72x6 (next standard size) and mention in the comments during checkout that you want the mattress to be customized to size 78x70x6.

Once we receive the order, we will get in touch with you for re-confirmation. If you are unable to find the standard size which is bigger than what you require, please write an email to us at sales@Orthocaremattress.co, and our team of experts will help you out.

Yes, all our products are totally safe for adults, children and even infants. The foam used in our products is sourced after rigorous research and is tested by an independent third-party foam certifier, to check the cleanliness and safety, ensuring that it is free from known harmful chemicals and gases.

We sell two lines of mattresses in all traditional sizes, and the prices vary by the size. To know more about our mattresses, sizes and prices, please visit our mattresses section.

Your queries about Orthocaremattress bed

The structure (frame) of the Orthocaremattress bed is made up of high quality Sheesham wood (Indian Rosewood). The bed also uses plywood on the inside of the frame to support the mattress.

No, we do not have color options because Orthocaremattress beds are designed using multiple shades (natural color) of wood. Different ages of the tree give the frame of the bed a beautiful texture and color patterns. As a result of which, the final appeal of the bed is a lovely earthy mixture of different colors – some parts are light and some darker in color.

Beds made out of Sheesham wood are considered to be very durable and are expected to work well for a long time. In addition to the natural strength and durability, we offer 3 years of warranty on the wood of our beds. The ply board used in the bed may not live as long, but if used gently, it can endure the test of time for years.

All Orthocaremattress beds are delivered in safe packaging, split into two boxes. One box will have the plywood, headboard and the footboard, while the second box will have the slats to put up on the sides and middle.

During our initial research, we realized that the experience of having carpenters visit and install products at customers’ homes was not pleasant. In general, there can be confusion and mismanagement while coordinating the timings of installation and delivery. Most often, customers end up wasting time twice, once for the delivery and once for the installation. There too, the experience is often poor. Through our R&D, we have made the assembly of the bed so simple that any 2 adults can put it together in under 15 minutes. The assembly is as easy as the tightening of 4 nuts.

Also, it is fun to experience a little bit of carpentry and put the bed together yourself. The pleasure of sleeping on a bed that you’ve assembled is incomparable!

If you read and understand the bed assembly booklet (provided along with the bed), the assembly and installation of Orthocaremattress bed is a simple 15 minute job!

Usually, this doesn’t happen. But in case you have received a defective part, please drop an email to us at support@Orthocaremattress.co and attach the pictures of the damaged part. We will ship you the replacement for it immediately.

The 100 nights trial period is offered only on the Orthocaremattress mattresses. If there are any defective parts on the bed or if the experience is not as per the expectation, we will arrange for the replacement of either the damaged part or the full bed.

To safely clean the bed, use any cotton cloth, dip it in detergent-mixed water, squeeze it fully and wipe the wood. Please ensure that a dry cloth is used for final wiping to ensure there is no water or moisture left on the wood.

Pencil marks can be easily wiped off using a wet cloth, as described in the question above. If there are scratches on the bed, you can ask any carpenter to make a visit and they will be able to help with using sandpaper and polish.

Yes, you can! Our recommendation would be that you check out some YouTube videos and read up a couple of articles on wood polishing before proceeding. If you purchase a good quality wood polish, it’s very easy and fun to polish the bed as per your liking.

Yes, the uninstallation of the Orthocaremattress bed is as easy as its assembly. All you need to do is just unlock the 4 nuts and bolts, separate out the parts and pack it for wherever you go!

Have queries about ordering online?

Of course, you can! Your comfort is our priority! Just write to us at support@Orthocaremattress.co or call us and our team of experts will assist you with the replacement.

Yes, we will be able to help you with the replacement, in case you have ordered the wrong sized mattress. If you have measured your bed incorrectly and placed the wrong order, we will retrieve the order, place a new order and then ship a replacement mattress, while charging you just for the logistics cost. Since the process is elaborate, it may cause undue delays in the delivery. So we recommend that you measure your bed with the right tools without assuming the size.

You can write to us at support@Orthocaremattress.co or call us and our team of experts will assist you with the replacement.